Poupak's Parisian Life in New York

I am a French-Iranian woman with a passion for comedy. I have been lucky enough to be performing all over New York since 2010. I was a TV producer and a head writer for a morning live news show in France, as well as a free lance journalist and a book editor for many years.

Now, I am a life and a career coach (member of ICF), an improviser, a writer, and a show producer. I love my life!

I am a performer at the UCB & sometimes produce shows at The PIT in New York.

My French Tumblr: La Vie à l'Impro

I contribute to BuzzFeed.

I fight cancer with a passion - I want to contribute to a world where cancer will be as benign as a simple cold. Where you can donate against cancer of any kind and give hope to families and patients

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Amy Poehler and Ian Roberts at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre during the Del Close Marathon, circa 2003. 

Still from On The Cusp, Off The Cuff. 

Original footage courtesy of Petra Boden. 

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