Poupak's Parisian Life in New York

I am a French-Iranian woman with a passion for comedy. I have been lucky enough to be performing all over New York since 2010. I was a TV producer and a head writer for a morning live news show in France, as well as a free lance journalist and a book editor for many years.

Now, I am a life and a career coach (member of ICF), an improviser, a writer, and a show producer. I love my life!

I am a performer at the UCB & sometimes produce shows at The PIT in New York.

My French Tumblr: La Vie à l'Impro

I contribute to BuzzFeed.

I fight cancer with a passion - I want to contribute to a world where cancer will be as benign as a simple cold. Where you can donate against cancer of any kind and give hope to families and patients

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“And then this happened”
Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch is hanging out at Coney Island right now.

He knows what’s best: BROOKLYN BABY!

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    So who wants me to come visit New York?
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    ERIN. Get in your car and GO NORTH.
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    That loud thud you heard is me falling dead to the ground. DEAD.
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    He knows what’s best: BROOKLYN BABY!
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