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I interviewed Lennon Parham and Jessica StClair last week and intended to post this video online today to remind everyone to watch their really amazing show.  Unfortunately, we learned on Friday that the show was being pulled off the air, with two episodes left to go.  I decided that I wanted to share this with you any ways, as a means of reminding you of some of the ways you might be able to help save the show.

First of all, the fact that the show even AIRED demonstrated how amazing it is - the two stars of the show, although known in the world of comedy, are virtually unknown on television or in movies.  You can see Jessica in commercials, and Lennon was featured in supporting roles on various sitcoms, but they have never been leads in big budget movies, or big shows.  The world of sitcoms seems to be dominated or driven by at least one person who has star power - Jessica and Lennon are not there, yet.  The fact that the show was green lit to be on air just shows how strong and different it is form those we currently see on TV.  It’s about two adult women having real adult issues, and interacting in a supporting way with each other and with their friends.  It’s a very positive, upbeat show.  Even Queeneta (Daija Owens), who continuously antagonizes Jessica, is a perky, positive little girl, with a personality too big with the small screen.  The show also feature talented comedians Luka Jones and Stephen Schneider.

Any ways, there have been quite a few articles about this and about why you should help save this show (even if you have never seen it) in publications such as The Washington Post, VH1 (and here), and this morning, on Entertainment Weekly OnlineSplitsider also wrote a great article about them when the show was cancelled.  And a fan created a fan video, while others create a Tumblr page, and gifsConnor Ratliff wrote a couple of very good posts about this as well.

So, here is how to save BFF:

And most importantly, keep talking about it and sharing all this information so that people who haven’t watched it can discover it, and like it, and support the show as well.


Lennon Parham and Jessica StClair gave an interview to Women Improvisers Trust.  This interview is not about the show, but rather about women in comedy in general.  But if you want to see more of them, help save BFF bu taking the actions outlined in this post.



We learned yesterday through Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair on Twitter that NBC has put their show ‘Best Friends Forever’ on hiatus. Now we know that this particular network likes to do this from time to time with truly excellent shows (coughcommunitycough) and we also know that fan feedback can definitely work. There are a few movements already starting on Twitter () so take to the inter-tubes and give some polite feedback to NBC and support these two funny friends of Earwolf!

And while crafting your letters of support, why not listen to Lennon and Jessica craft comedy gold on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Womp Up The Jamz!

Episode 60 - Marissa Wompler’s first appearance

Episode 92 - Marissa visits Boner Jamz dot com

Epsiode 116 - Womp It Up podcast

Episode 154 - Listler and Wompler


#SaveNBCBFF - you can also watch the interview they did for UCB Difference.  They are amazing!